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Letter from the promotor:
   I would like to address a concerning issue that occurred at the kick off of the 2017 season at Evergreen Raceway, but I would first like to thank all the staff, drivers, crews and fans that attended. It was a super cold day in Northeast PA, and we tried our best to be prepared but the cold temps sure made it tough. Given some of the uncontrollable weather related contributing situations, at the end of the day, it was a successful day at the races. Racers came to race and the fans got to enjoy some awesome racing!!!
   The purpose of the Evergreen Raceway Enduro Division is to keep the car build cost to a minimum, keeping the series an affordable racing experience. I am extremely upset with what I saw on Saturday,regarding the fair amount of full built race carsthat were present. We occasionally host a race in our Enduro Series called Open Competition (run whatcha brung) but this past Saturday wasn’t one of them. The Enduro 4 cylinder and or the 6/8 cylinder class is a street car division. By no means was this series brought to life many years ago to host machines that are equipped with locked rears, racing gears with worked up power plants. Evergreen Raceway has multiple car divisions that will be ran throughout the 2017 season. Look over the rules on our website and see what division your machine falls into. The Enduro divisionisstrictly a GUTand GO. Take a current or past street driven automobile, follow the Enduro Series rules that are listed on our website and build your ride to the specifications.One “non-stock” item we will allow are racing wheels. This exception is for the safety of the drivers and fans. All four wheels must maintain the stock vehicle offset and all four must be the same size.
   Moving forth into the 2017 season, if you attend a regular divisional Enduro event and pilot a ride that is fully caged, has a locked rear, racing gears, a worked up motor, YOU WILL GET CAUGHT in our pre-race tech. If your machine is found to be illegal, you will be disqualified and NO REFUNDSwill be given.
   I understand the actions that are being set in place may chase cars awayand fuel up the track bashing that will now begin on the world wide diary, but by us allowing a car that is built outside of the specifications, it’s diverting many individuals from turning that Sundance sitting under the pine tree into their racing hot rod. It keeps newbie and old Enduro competitorsfrom making a decision to purchase a low budget car or even buy an already built Enduro.
   On a very personal note, when the original Enduro Series was born at Evergreen Raceway, me and my team would get a car on a Thursday, prepare her to the rules, hit Perky’s up for a set of his finest tires and we were ready for some Sunday fun. For me, Enduro racing is all about taking a 1986 four door Crown Vic, decaled up with my car number from the cheapest rattle can of paint mark’s Wholesale had that day….then on race day, hitting 50 MPH down the stretches pushing up into the turns like a bull dozer, hoping that right front tire can sustain 100 laps of my abuse. Fellow racers, love or hate me but it is with all the best of intent, to get back to what this series was meant for. 
   Evergreen Raceway has purchased all the necessary equipment needed to tech motors for the 2017 Season. As stated earlier, come cheated up, we will catch you, you will be disqualified and NO REFUNDS will be given. 
   Thanks,  Jason Makarewicz
Evergreen’s “Triple Crown Series” #2 Quickly Approaching
We hope that everyone had a terrific holiday and is looking forward to the “Winter Blues 100s” Enduros, which is the second leg of Evergreen’s Triple Crown Series on February 11, 2017. Just a reminder- pre-registrations must be received by February 8 2017. Pre-registered drivers will pull for starting positions. Those who register the day of the event will start behind the pre-registered drivers.
Upon arrival to the track, please go directly to the track office. There you will register (or sign in if pre-registered), receive your transponder and a paper with your name, starting position (with row number and  low, middle or high)and transponder number. Row numbers will be marked on the fence around the speedway. Each driver is expected to line up on the speedway in their proper position. I.e., if you’re starting spot is 18, you line up in row 6 on the high side. This will greatly reduce down time to line up cars.
Also, you MUST start and finish the event with the same car (no exceptions). Snow tires do not carry a tread wear rating. Therefore, they are not allowed.
Thanks & we hope to see everyone on February 11th
                                                        TRIPLE CROWN STANDINGS
Area Businesses Establishing Relationships with Evergreen Raceway
St. Johns, PA (1/8/2017)- The official 2017 racing season at Evergreen Raceway officially kicked off last Saturday with their “Snowball 100” Enduros. However, it’s not the only thing that the track managers have been gearing up for, even prior to the end of last season. Improvements on the speedway grounds have been ongoing for months and the sponsorship hunt has also been ongoing. Recently, the speedway decided to extend an incentive filled sponsorship proposal to several area businesses, which paid off to establish a relationship between the speedway and those businesses. FULL STORY
Bryan Kelly and Harry O’Neill Snowball to Success at Evergreen
St. Johns, PA (1/7/2017)- The 2017 racing season officially kicked off Saturday at Evergreen Raceway with their “Snowball 100” Enduros. The event is the first leg of the speedway’s “Triple Crown Series”, which will run through the winter months of this season. Nearly 50 Four Cylinders took the green for the 100-lap show and when it was all said and done, Bryan Kelly of Long Island, NY passed post race tech to back into victory. Following a torrid battle with TJ Kapish, Harry O’Neill of Mountaintop, PA pulled off his first win in the 6/8-Cylinder division. FULL STORY

Evergreen Raceway Announces 2017 Divisions and Race Dates
St. Johns, PA (12/28/2016)- Following an uphill battle but yet successful 2016 racing season at Evergreen Raceway, track management has been going nonstop with plans and improvements for the 2017 season at the historic one third mile asphalt oval. Most improvements to the speedway grounds are currently underway and the torrid pace of upgrades and planning is also in continuation.
   The season schedule that is released features events for the Modifieds, Late Models, Street Stocks, Four Cylinders, Enduros, INEX Legends and Bandoleros. New divisions were added as well, including a division for Junior Four Cylinder drivers, the Outlaw Stocks and Strictly Stock vehicles. The speedway has decided to limit their regular shows to a maximum of three or four divisions per race day, which will give those in attendance just the right amount of action that they’ll be hungry for. 
   As done in the past, the speedway will begin their season with Sunday afternoon shows before switching to Friday evenings during the anticipated hot summer months. The season will close out with regular shows switching back to Sunday and many special events are planned in between, including Drifting and classic and custom car shows. FULL STORY
Evergreen’s “Triple Crown Series” Gaining Steam and Sponsors
St. Johns, PA (12/4/2016) Since the announcement of their upcoming “Triple Crown Series” for Enduro drivers to have a little fun during the off season, Evergreen Raceway has been busy with ongoing track improvements in preparation for the much anticipated wintertime series. The excitement and momentum has been building, which helped bring additional sponsors to the table, bringing additional incentives for the racers.
   The “Triple Crown Series” will be a points paying event and the top five finishers in each 4-Cylinder and 6/8-Cylinder Enduro will receive a payout and trophy, in accordance with Evergreen’s Enduro payout schedule, which is listed on the speedway website. Drivers will receive one point per position based on where they finish after tech inspection (one point per position. Ex: 20 cars, winner gets 20 pts, 2nd gets 19, etc).
   Thanks to former track champion, Dale Fey, and his business, Wheel's Bar & Grill, ad additional $100 will be given to the Four Cylinder Triple Crown Series champion. An additional $250 was donated by an anonymous sponsor as well. With those sponsors added to the Four Cylinder Triple Crown champion, along with the $500 prize put up by the speedway, the Four Cylinder Trip Crown champion will take home an impressive $850. FULL STORY
Evergreen Raceway to Display at Motorsports 2017
St. Johns, PA (12/10/2016)- Evergreen Raceway in St. Johns, PA is happy to announce that they have teamed with Himmer Graphics in Dickson City, PA to display and cross-promote their businesses at Motorsports 2017, the northeast's largest race car and trade show. The Pioneer Pole Buildings Motorsports 2017 Race Car and Trade Show Fueled by Sunoco Distributed by Insinger Performance will take place at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA from January 20-22, 2017.
   Entering its second season under new management, the folks at Evergreen Raceway are excited about the upcoming show, which should help bring some new faces and renewed interest back to the historic one third mile asphalt oval.
   Speedway announcer, Ted Grow and Himmer Graphics president, Scott Adams has been working together in preparation for the upcoming event.
   Steve Shultz, a former Evergreen champion, will have his Late Model on display at the Evergreen booth and Himmer Graphics will have a beautiful display of all of their offerings, including all types of signage, vinyl car wraps, general graphics, printing, design and much more. Of course and Evergreen raceway promo video will be playing for show goers to get a good look at the action on the speedway.  
   Throughout the three day event, a mix of Evergreen officials will be on hand to answer questions and converse with those in attendance. Divisional rules will be available, as will the track’s 2017 tentative racing schedule.
Evergreen Raceway Actively Pursuing Kart Racing
St. Johns, PA (11/14/2016) During their inaugural season under management of Jason Makarewicz, Gene Ostrowski and Director of Racing Operations, Jeff Owler, Evergreen Raceway held a handful of Karting events. The shows, which were held in conjunction with a few of the Enduro events, were successful. However, the Karts just carried too much speed on the third mile asphalt oval and track management decided to take the remaining Karting events off of their schedule.
   Looking forward toward the 2017 racing season, management has been heavily pursuing quotes to create a much smaller track for the Karting events. The Kart track is planned to utilize the existing front stretch and victory lane road. The two will be tied together with tight corners, giving it a mini Martinsville type of look. FULL STORY
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